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Secret #41 / Restaurants


Sometimes you have to head for the hills to uncover a true secret

We found out why everyone's heading to the hills lately. A new hangout opened up just a few days ago in Nea Penteli that doesn't have a website, is not in the guide books, and you'll definitely need a GPS to get to. Brought to us by the owners of the very small and chic Coupepe Bake 'n Shake, DADAS gathers a crowd much cooler than we're used to (let's be honest). It's no surprise that our amazing scouts have made it their new usual hang out. Their all day concept makes it easy to spend the morning sipping coffee next to the patio and the evening drinking wine next to the fire place. The owners have also paid attention to every last interior decor detail down to the ... red faux moose head on the wall. What else can we say, it's well worth the treck! If you're afraid you'll get lost, just check out our map and look for its neon sign to shed some light on your path.

PS. Want to be inspired next time you look at their menu? Check out Coupepe Bake 'n Shake and Dadas shared Facebook page where people often post recommendations about the dishes and drinks they love the most.


Nea Penteli
Iroon Polytechniou
Published on:
2 February 2011

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