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Pour some sugar on me

She peeled the fruit with surgical precision. We stared in awe, mesmerized by her skill. At the workshop of Idiston, special flavors are packed in small jars: our scouts led us here to see where fruit is magically transformed into sweet desserts. Anastasia and Nanvou, friends for the past 15 years, seal flavors into marmalades, fruit preserves, juices, and sauces. Almost all the work is done by hand and everything's made without preservatives or dye (they preserve them in lemon juice!) using ingredients from local producers. We satisfied our sweet tooth with a spoonful of banana marmalade and carrot preserves (with lots of cinnamon!). Order these little jars of joy for yourself online!

P.S. Want to see how fresh fruits are transformed into delicious sweets and packed into small jars? Ten lucky members will be invited to the Idiston workshop–to win, click here.


Nea Filadelfia
Zaimi 10
Published on:
20 August 2012

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