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Secret #393 / Things to do

Kifissia Book Exchange

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Have you passed a time-travel machine in the center of Kifisia? It's white, rectangular... and Kifisia's own public street library! Housed within the glass shelves sits a mini athenaeum of donated books. Irene and Lefteris, both architects and bookworms, had the great idea of organizing a free and public book exchange in collaboration with the municipality of Kifisia. Here's how it works: browse the collection, then take a book or donate one, with no strings attached. Next time you're out taking a stroll, take a peek inside—who knows what treasures you'll find. The library is also open at night, lit in an eco-friendly way.

P.S. Keep an eye out in your neighborhood! Irene and Lefteris plan to build more of these drop-off portals all around the city!


Levidou & Kassaveti
Published on:
12 July 2012

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