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Secret #783 / Restaurants

Ancho Mexican Grill

Loco about taco

"Ay papi muy buen!" For a moment we thought we were in a Latin American soap opera, but when we didn't hear a door slam dramatically, we had to accept we were still in the streets of Halandri. The appreciative sounds were coming from somewhere though and soon we had found them inside Ancho Mexican Grill: here, in a space that reminded us of a cross between a Mexican street food resto and a burrito bar in California, we dived straight into helpings of tacos, nachos with melted cheese and guacamole and yes, even burritos! Munching happily, we took bets on how quickly this would become our favorite hangout. Order a frozen margarita and you'll be shouting "Ay papi" in no time -they're strong!

P.S. Mention you're a Daily Secret member until 2/22 and if you order over €10, you'll get nachos with guacamole on the house!


9 Giftopoulou & Papandreou St.
Published on:
22 January 2014

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