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My Way Grill

Magical Greek-Chinese hybrid

Traditionalists, beware! Souvlaki just got a sweet and spicy makeover. At My Way Grill, the new restaurant in Chalandri, we found that our favorite dish takes a journey to the Chinese wok before getting dressed with fruit and spices. George, who had opened Ex Anatolis in the same spot 15 years ago, decided to fuse together the traditional Greek souvlaki with the Chinese way of cooking. Intrigued? Besides the classic options with meat, he recommended we try the souvlaki with turkey, shrimp, or fish fillet and add to it grapes, red chili pepper, and lime. If you want to stick to the traditional, try the veal shank—slow cooked for seven hours!

P.S. The wine barrels that you'll see inside aren't just for decoration. If you order wine, they'll serve you directly from them! All of their wine is made by the owner's friend, who is a wine producer.


Vasileos Georgiou 33
Published on:
14 November 2012

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