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Secret 702 | The Handlebar | Food | Center | Athens
We wheelied in and had to be rolled out! We had come to VCA to get a new light for our bike (Gareth always has what we need) but one sniff of fresh dough distracted us from the task at hand! Directly next door, we found our answer: The Handlebar, as Gareth told us, is the first bicycle cafe in Athens - and the smell that got our attention was the scones that had just come out of the oven for afternoon tea! Sitting on a stool (made out of a bicycle saddle!) we glanced at the menu: a bundle of vegan options but mainly healthy dishes to give us that extra bit of oomph we need to pedal! Cucumber sandwiches, anyone?

P.S. Try their Tea for Two: sandwiches, scones, homemade jam and fresh cream - we wouldn't blame you if you made it tea for one!


8 Melanthiou Str
Published on:
25 September 2013

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